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我司所售的Aquasana净水产品均为原装正品,具有优秀的质量保障和售后服务,除此以外的非正规渠道网站和非Aquasana经销商店铺销售产品是不享受Aquasana代理的任何安装和维修等售后服务的,特此声明。望消费者购买净水器时谨慎选择,务必购买Aquasana正规进口产品,避免给自己造成经济损失和健康危害。Aquasana-china.com is the distributor of Aquasana products for the China, Hong Kong, Macao market. Through our authorized dealer network we provide genuine products, excellent quality assurance and after-sales service with full manufacturer’s warranty. Please be aware that unauthorized channels, websites, and non-dealers shops may be selling counterfeit, used or modified products possibly resulting in self-inflicted economic losses and health hazards. We urge all consumers to please purchase at those specialty stores, supermarkets and distributors which are authorized by Aquasana, to avoid being defrauded. We’ll pursue relevant legal responsibility for all on-line illegal infringements. Please contact us for any questions regarding our dealer or distributor network. We are happy to verify and support our authorized dealers and can provide confirmation from Aquasana’s US headquarters.

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