Installation FAQ

Question: Are the filters easy to install?
Answer: Yes, the filters can usually be installed without specialized tools in only a few minutes. We provide adapters to fit Chinese plumbing.

Question: Do you offer installation service?
Answer: Yes, we have installation available in select cities. Please contact us for details.

Question: My kitchen has limited space. Will it be difficult to install an Aquasana filter?
Answer: Limited space is no problem. Our countertop filters take up a minimum of space with a small 18cm x 11cm footprint. For an even more space-saving option, choose our under-counter filters. Unlike bulky reverse osmosis filter systems, our under-counter filters tuck easily out of the way, allowing you to recover valuable storage space under the sink.

Question: Will the drinking water filters affect my tap water pressure?
Answer: No, the water pressure of your unfiltered tap water will not be affected at all.

Question: Will the countertop model attach to my faucet head?
Answer: The countertop model come with adapters to fit almost all standard size 4 faucets. If you have a narrower or wider faucet, contact us for a special adapter. If you have spray-type faucet, we recommend either purchasing an under-counter model or installing a new faucet. We can provide an excellent replacement faucet that can be changed in a matter of minutes by a plumber or your building maintenance workers.

Question: How do I filter my ice machine, coffee maker, refrigerator?
Answer: Choose our AQ-7000 inline filter.

Question: Will the shower filter affect my water pressure?
Answer: The shower filter is designed to provide effective filtration at high flow. At most there is a 5 to 10% pressure drop. If you perceive a noticeable drop in pressure, be sure that any aerator was removed from the shower assembly.

Question: Will the whole house filter affect my water pressure?
Answer: The unique design of our whole house filter allows for maximum filtration with minimal pressure drop. The output of 26.5 liters per minute is enough to run three to four showers at the same time without a pressure drop.

Question: Our previous whole house filter did not allow our instant-on water heaters to trigger. What caused this?
Answer: Most whole house filters will create a significant pressure reduction. If the drop is too low, the hot water heaters will not have enough pressure change to trigger on. We often hear this concern from experienced whole-house filter installers. Our EQ-600C system’s high-flow design is guaranteed to perform and will not cause issues with instant-on water heaters.

Question: Can I filter my bathtub?
Answer: Yes, if your bathtub has a handheld wand, the shower filter can be installed between the water controls and the handheld wand tubing, allowing you to fill up your bathtub though the handheld wand. If you wish the bathtub water to be filtered from the bathtub faucet directly, please contact us to discuss.

Question: Can I use my existing reverse-osmosis filter system’s faucet with the Aquasana system.
Answer: No, our faucets use a special three-hose design to prevent pressure damage to the system. China’s water systems often have high pressure surges which can cause filter system rupture and leakage if the filter is installed using a single-hose faucet. Our faucets are also NSF-certified. This means no lead, BPA or other contaminants will leach into your filtered water.