Product FAQ

What are the differences between Aquasana and other water treatment devices?
‧ 100% US-made and imported – rest assured about product safety, quality, and performance.
‧ Beautiful appearance, compact size.
‧ International 3rd-party performance certification.

The water purifier is the discharge of waste water, waste problem?
Do not emit waste water. The Aquasana filter design, the use of the principle of natural water pressure, so that the inflow of water is to filter the net of the amount of water, so the filter process will not emit any waste water, so RO reverse osmosis or electrolysis water generator which emissions wastewater cause environmental waste issues, in line with the concept of environmental protection.

Aquasana to drink the water purifier to the need for plug-in?
No need to plug. Aquasana to drink water purifier, the use of the principle of natural water pressure to filter out, simple design, no redundant IC circuit board and pressurized motor design, greatly reducing product failure rate, save money and comply with environmental concept.

Aquasana to drink water purifier how to keep the minerals beneficial to humans?
High density of coconut shell activated carbon block filter using carbon molecular combination principle, only the absorption of harmful substances beneficial to human body such as magnesium, potassium ions, not with activated carbon to produce carbon molecules chemically bonded, so they can retain beneficial to humans mine substances are safe for drinking.

Aquasana to drink treated water water purifier can really drink?
Yes, many families will be boiled to achieve disinfection purposes. However, empirical findings, the water only after boiling procedures, are still unable to effectively remove silt, sediment, chlorine, lead, pesticides, volatile organic compounds of VOCs, trihalomethanes of THMs, gasoline additives MTBE and other contaminants in the water, dual-filter filtration “technology the Aquasana patent. The world’s only UL and NSF certified! Reach the standard to drink! The Aquasana raw drinking water purifier for common hazardous substances, the removal rate of more than 99%! Therefore do not need to boil.

Commercially available water quality testing pen (TDS pen) can be used to measure the level of contamination in water quality?
Can not! TDS is total dissolved solids content, referred to as (Total Disolved Substance), its meaning is dissolved in water, solids content, the solids can be dissolved in water are commonly known.
TDS pen is used to measure the mineral content in water, but it does not measure the concentration of organic pollutants in water, Moreover, the inorganic substances in water, there are still a lot of useful minerals, can not meet the standards to drink, not the level of TDS values. TDS pen is usually used for the detection of the RO membrane water purity enough, the closer is the closer to pure water purity (useful minerals, harmful substances are filtered out), long-term drinking RO water will also reduce the body required for mine substance intake.

Aquasana, water purification equipment, whether the newborn can use?
The the Aquasana water purifier is a regression to the most important water purifier water purifier function, that is, filter capacity. We provide healthy and pure filtered drinking water, suitable for the entire family, no object or age restrictions.

Aquasana to drink water purifier what the test results?
The Aquasana to drink the water purifier filter: chlorine, lead, pesticides, trihalomethanes of THMs, PCBs of PCBs in volatile organic compounds of VOCs, gasoline additives MTBE verified by strict certification unit of the three major U.S. with chlorine resistance of microorganisms, parasites, cysts, bad taste and odor. Pollutant reduction capability has been verified by the following certification unit by: NSF American National Sanitation Foundation UL Underwriters Laboratories.

Manufacturing use of harmful chemical adhesives?
Water purification equipment, commercial general mostly one piece, the Aquasana water purification equipment in the manufacturing process, emphasizing one piece injection technology, to eliminate the possibility of the body of water leakage. In the assembly process, no use of chemical adhesives, but the use of one minute 20,000 rpm hot-press, to reach thermal contact with the adhesive effect. In this fine-tuning, a Aquasana , still taking into account the customers’ health, adhere to your healthy water.

Aquasana, sales situation in the United States?
The Aquasana U.S. factory sun Water Systems, Inc. (Sun Water Systems Inc.) is the nation’s 500 fastest-growing unlisted Company Inc. 500 Award for. U.S. consumer products are widely loved and won the U.S. magazine “Consumer Digest” (Consumers Digest), American families voted Best water purifier “Best Buy”! Award! The products are popular in the nation, sales are very good and continues to grow.

After filtration, the acid-base quality how?
Acid-base quality in our filtered between 7.2 and 7.4, showing a slightly alkaline. And retains the natural minerals, so drink up and dry sweet taste.