We sell the safest, most effective, and highest value water filters in the world. These are the award-winning Aquasana filtration systems, designed to meet the specific pollution and sediment challenges we find here in China. The two main models are the AQ-4000-DVPI for pure drinking water, and the AQ-4100AC for providing clean and skin-softening shower water. For whole-house systems, our EQ-600C filter is the best available solution. Completely customized for unmatched performance on the China market, it removes the particular contaminants found in local water and is easy to install with no backwashing drain or electrical connections needed.

Ordering is easy. Call or email us to let us know the products you’re interested in. We’ll email you your invoice for review. Payment options are then either bank deposit or cash-on-delivery. Shipping is free and we will contact you after we ship your order. Usual delivery time is 1 to 2 days.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS OR YOUR ORDER – don’t hesitate to email us at shop@aquasana-china.com

Email us also for inquiries regarding our whole-house filtration systems and BPA-free / lead-free glass and metal water bottles.

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