Aquasana DV_PRE_CP Drinking Water Pre-Filter Replacement Cartridge 6-PackDrinking Water Pre-Filter Replacement Cartridge 6-Pack
Model DV_PRE_CP6

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Replacement pre-filter cartridges for Aquasana counter-top and under-counter drinking water systems.

These small pre-filters remove the sediment present in your water supply, allowing the main filters to function more effectively and increasing their service life. All Aquasana drinking water systems designed for use in China have a pre-filter built in. When you see how quickly the sediment builds up in the pre-filter, you have an idea of why it is not appropriate to use imported (or domestic) filters which do not have a sediment pre-filter. Can sediment be tested for? Yes, but sediment is often released in peaks when maintenance or construction disturbs the pipes between the water treatment plant and your faucet. You may have seen this in China when the water suddenly changes color to brown or yellow for a short time. Sediment can also be invisible to the naked eye but will build up and stain the pre-filter over a few weeks. In most Tier-1 cities in China, the filter should be changed every four weeks. In Hong Kong, every 4 to 8 weeks depending on the water quality in your particular home.

The pre-filters are easily changed. Just unscrew the small clear pre-filter housing and drop a new one in.

Recommended schedule: replace the pre-filter monthly or any time you notice a change in color of the filter or a decrease in flow.