Shower Filters

Did you know that an average person will absorb more THM’s (common carcinogens created by chlorination) via inhalation during one 10 min shower than by drinking 4 litres of unfiltered water? Unlike contaminants in drinking water, carcinogens in the shower are quickly absorbed directly into the body through the skin and lungs. Moreover, shower stalls function as an enclosed space to concentrate contaminants at 20 to 30 times higher levels. What’s a simple and effective solution? An Aquasana shower filter.

Aquasana shower filters are the best in the industry. We use the best-of-class technologies to create an effective two-stage filter which greatly reduces chlorine, VOCs, THMs and other chemical contaminants from your shower water. We stay up to date on the most recent developments on water treatment and contamination issues, to continually improve our filter systems. The proof is in the product. Our shower filters remove twice the amount of chlorine required for NSF shower certification. More importantly, we are one of the only shower filters capable of dealing with chloramine which cripples most shower filters.

Chloramines? No problem. Many cities including Beijing have switched from chlorine to chloramine as a disinfectant. Most shower filters are completely incapable of reducing chloramines. Not only does this chemical disinfectant flow through into your bathing water and shower mist, chloramines also quickly overwhelm conventional shower filters and leaves them useless after a month of use. Aquasana is the only brand to use Centaur Carbon as the second stage of two-part system. This allows our filters to deal with chlorinated municipal water, not only for the chlorine and chloramines, but also allows the filter to effectively capture the other harmful contaminants.

A better design, a better shower filter. Many of our customers are users of other shower filters that reported reduced flow in their cheap shower filters after a month or two. Aquasana’s shower filters take care of the problems that affect common shower filters. First, we use two to ten times more filter media than other manufacturers. This allows a stronger flow, longer filter life, and greatly increased ability to remove contaminants. Secondly, our unique design keeps the filter media in suspension to allow the filter to function better and last longer, all at a higher flow rate.

Start using an Aquasana shower filter now for your health and cosmetic benefits.

AQ-4100CAPremium Chloramine Shower Filter – China Version
Model # AQ-4100CA