Aquasana EQ-600C Rhino Whole House Filter Chloramines ChinaAquasana EQ-800C Rhino Whole House Filter Max Chem
Model EQ-800C

The EQ-800C is our newest whole house filter, made in the USA for China’s tough water conditions. We took our time-tested EQ-600C system and made it even more powerful. The critical ingredient, premium catalytic carbon, has been increased to an amazing 19kg, almost a 2.3 times increase over the EQ-600C. This deluxe, high-capacity system is easily installed in any home and has a 400,000-gallon (1,513 metric ton), 4 to 7-year capacity, the best value of any whole house system! Comes complete with main filter unit, pre-filter, installation kit, shut-off valve and required hardware. Typical installation takes 1.5 to 2.5 hours by a qualified plumber, and is usually done in your basement, garage, or water closet. The main filter unit is easily replaced (no plumber needed) every three to five years (EQ-800CR in Product Catalog).

Less expensive than bottled water, and you drink, shower, bathe and live in healthy water! You will notice softer skin and hair in just a few days by showering and bathing in filtered water. Give us a call at 400 000 8320 to find out if this is the right product for your water quality needs.

Our expert customer service is just a phone call away. Call 400 000 8320 now! Our EQ-300 whole house filter removes 99% of chlorine in your water and is certified by Underwriters Laboratories to NSF standard 42. EQ-800C utilizes premium catalytic carbon for reduction of chloramine and even more effective reduction of chlorine and other contaminants.

Product Specifications:

Product Height: 57″ / 145 cm
Main Tank Diameter: 10.5″ / 27 cm
Product Weight: 55 lbs / 25 kg
Max Flow Rate: 7 gallons per minute / 26.5 liters per minute
Rated capacity of main filter: 400,000 gallons / 1,513 metric tons