Water4Life Subscription Program

Save 20% on replacement filters & get a lifetime warranty on your purchase

Join for free and save thousands over the lifetime of your filter!

• Always save 20% on the cost of replacement filters!
• Replacement filters shipped to you for free!
• Receive a lifetime warranty on all your Aquasana products!
• A personal reminder when it’s time to change your filters!

How it works

To join the Water4Life cartridge subscription program, simply email us at shop@aquasana-china.com to pre-purchase at least two replacement cartridges (a year’s supply) for your Aquasana drinking or shower filter. You save 20% and the filters will immediately be shipped to you for free. Every six months we send you a personal reminder to change your filters. Before the year is over we send you a reminder to keep your membership active by purchasing the next year’s cartridges.

Lifetime Warranty

As long as you continue with the Water4Life program, any broken or malfunctioning parts of your Aquasana filter will be replaced free of charge, with free shipping. Aquasana’s products are extremely durable due to excellent design and use of the best materials. The filters have an extremely low break rate, making it worth it for us to provide you with a worry-free purchase. Most importantly, we want you to enjoy your filter for a lifetime.

Personal Reminders

Based on the typical usage rates and water quality in China, your replacement filter should be changed every six months. There is no need for you to remember or wonder about change dates. We put your purchase date in our database and will email you when it is time to change your filter. We can also call or text-message you if you prefer.

No Fees, No Contract

You can easily cancel your membership at any time without obligations.

To Join

To take advantage of the Water4Life program just send us an email at shop@aquasana-china.com, or call us at +86 10 84786967.