Customer Testimonials

We receive positive testimonials every week from our customers. If you are an existing Aquasana customer, we’d love to hear from you! Please send us a note at

Just wanted to drop you an email and thank you for doing the installation for us [Aquasana-China: additional installation service available in Beijing, Shanghai]. The water tastes good and I notice a difference when I take a shower. My hair isn’t so dry!

A – Central Park, Beijing, per email

I bought Aquasana filters in the States [Aquasana-China: Several Chinese cities recently switched from chlorine to chloramine disinfection. We sell the correct chloramine-capable models and adapters for use with Chinese water systems] last year for my entire house. I love them. I have one in the kitchen and one on each of our showers. We have recently moved and I haven’t put my filter on my shower yet because I’ve been too stressed and busy but I really notice the difference in the texture of my hair. When the filter is on, my skin and my hair are softer and I smell the chlorine in the unfiltered shower water. My little boy’s tub has a filter on it and there is no smell at all. I think they’re great.

K – Shunyi, Beijing, Beijing Organics Consumers Association

My skin was cracking before using this filter, and within 2 days it improved. Excellent product.

J, Haidian, Beijing, Beijing Cafe Mailing List

We purchased a top-of-the-line reverse osmosis filter two months ago. It filters so slowly that we have to start putting water aside at 2pm to have enough for cooking dinner at 6pm! The company that installed it said they’re tried everything but “that’s just the way it is”. Changing to a larger reservoir didn’t help. Unfortunately they won’t refund our purchase. We need a water filter and don’t trust bottled water. Please let us know if you can help.

[Follow up:]

Just writing to let you know we’re very happy with the new water filter. Much more convenient than the reverse osmosis system, and the water quality’s great. Thank you!

C – Lakeville Regency, Shanghai, per email

I love my Aquasana filters. … My husband installed the kitchen sink in just a few minutes and I installed the shower filter in my bathroom very quickly as well. …  When my husband installed the filter, I tried it out. I filled one cup with tap water and one with the filtered water. We instantly smelled the strong chlorine smell from the tap water and it was odor-free in the filtered water, which told us a lot right there. The filtered water tastes great and my hair and skin are really soft from showering in the filtered water as well. I’m giving the baby baths in my bathroom until we get his tub sorted out as I know when he gets the water in his mouth, he’s not getting anything gross in his little body. I think they are great!

K – Shunyi, Beijing, Beijing Organics Consumers Association

We use an Aquasana system in our shower and we really noticed a difference.  While it didn’t give us baby soft skin, our skin, and our kids, is definitely less dry and it’s nice not to smell so many chemicals from the shower water.

J – Chaoyang Park, Beijing, Beijing Organics Consumers Association