Maintenance FAQ

Water purifier to turn off the tap, or switch from the clean water into tap water use, water will still flow from the clean water outlet Does this indicate a problem?
This is a continued flow phenomena, the diverter valve on the original design to ensure there will be no excessive water pressure inside the water purifier, to prevent “water hammer effect”, resulting in the body leaking. Once you turn off the tap or switch to tap water, filter the indoor air will cause the water continues to trickle a short period of time, atmospheric pressure until the pressure in the chamber of the filter to restore so far. The freewheeling phenomenon does not mean that filter the fault of poor water quality or water purifier parts, ease to use.
Water purifier filter how long in need of replacement? Whether it convenient to replace?
Pairs the Aquasana filter group can use the 6 month / 1890 liters (500Gallon). In order to safeguard the best performance of the filter, it is recommended that at least six months to replace. We provide customer service phone call filter maturity, and professional technicians Free installation fee to the government to replace the filter service, the Aquasana filter twice a year in replacement costs, lower than the replacement cost of home filter , so every six months you can enjoy a clean and a new filter quality, convenient and easy maintenance.
Aquasana the drink water purifier filter hot water would happen?
Basically filtered water does not occur any damage, but we recommend do not use hot water because the filter effect experiments are carried out with cold water, filtered cold water to achieve the best filter net effect, the net effect of the hot water filter of the poor. The high temperature will affect the performance of the water purifier to exclude contaminants, so do not be Used for water purification in the filtration of hot water, it is recommended that the operating temperature of 4.4 degrees C to 32.2 ° C.
The filter has reached the recommended replacement time, but the water flow did not reduce the need to replace the filter?
Is. Activated carbon in the role of water, its life will be decreasing if water contains large amounts of solid impurities, the filter may be less than six months blocked the water flow will be reduced. However, if water contains only small amounts of impurities, the filter may be a few years will not clog.
In the meantime, the filter may have absorbed many chemical pollutants, these pollutants are usually colorless, odorless, exceed the limitation of the filter, we can not guarantee that the filter can still be certified filter performance. Our dual-filter group can use the 6 month / 1890 liters (500Gallon). In order to maintain the best performance of the filter and you and your family’s health, it is recommended that at least six months to replace.
Floating white particles or debris that does not filter water purification does not filter clean water to boil. They are what?
To drink the Aquasana water purifier to remove pollutants and retain beneficial to the human body’s natural minerals, these minerals will condense in the water boiling or freezing, showing white particles or debris patterns. Natural minerals are beneficial to health, they exist in drinking water, water mineral content in your home than the average high, there may be the above-mentioned phenomenon, do not care too much. If you are still very concerned about, we provide soft water service, but originally filtered water and dry sweet taste will be affected.
Water purifier can be used for groundwater?
Groundwater usually contains sediment than the water more, our products are designed for tap water, raw water use of groundwater may lead to early blockage of the filter, it is recommended to install the pre-PP filter, increasing the service life of the filter.
Products provide what kind of warranty?
Aquasana the products provide 10 days of commodity appreciation of the one-year warranty, 10 million product liability insurance. After your receipt of the goods will be eligible for commodity appreciation of commodities received until the next day within 10 days. Appreciation of the Department for tasting (do not use), also requested a detailed examination of the goods during this period, if you have any questions for commodities, to maintain product integrity, we will unconditionally accept the return within the warranty period, professionals free of charge to the government to send and receive maintenance.
What is the Water for Life event? How to participate?
Clean water is essential for healthy living. The design philosophy of our water purifier is to provide you the most clean and wholesome water. Water purifiers require regular continuous replacement of the filter to ensure the quality of the water. Just like in real life finishing housework. So we have established the Water for Life Activities (Water for Life).
Simply put, Water for Life activities is to make clean water more convenient. Become a member, you can enjoy the benefits of water purifiers, no need to consider what time of the filter replacement, filter replacement reminder to us to do. You will get a special discount. Exclusive Offers:
(1) regularly informed of the replacement filter
. professional technicians to the government to replace the filter (does not contain the dechlorination shower filter)
. regular activities, as well as filter discount notice
to join:
click on the official website to participate in Water for Life activities, the whole family can drink clean water.
(Free membership to buy the product will automatically become members) to participate in a member of the Water for Life activities will be immediately and enjoy clean, healthy and cheap water.
Login to the members of the activities immediately entitled to notice of regular activities and filter discount message, follow-up customer service notification to your home to replace the filter, as well as professional technicians to the government to replace the filter service. (Dechlorination shower filter excluded)