Aquasana AQ-7000C Deluxe Inline Water FilterDeluxe Inline Water Filter
Model AQ-7000C

Deluxe Inline Water Filter produces naturally healthy water for drinking, cooking, ice and beverages.

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Provides Filtered Water for icemakers, refrigerators, water fountains, water coolers and more!

Filters out chlorine, lead, VOCs, THMs, cysts, turbidity and most other tap water contaminants using compressed carbon, ion exchange and sub micron filtration.

Great for water fountains, ice makers, RV’s or under-sink refrigerator supply line!

Filter lasts 300 gallons / 1136 liters / 6 months

1/4-inch (6.35mm) Quick Connect Fittings

No tools needed, installs in minutes

For any application that requires constant pressure and a flow rate of 0.375 gpm (1.3 Lpm).

Installation instructions are downloadable here: inline_filter_instructions.pdf