Whole House Filters

Provide clean, healthy, safe water for your whole family’s needs – drinking, cooking, bathing, ice machines, even clothes washers!

Better than bottled water, from every tap in your home. A water filtration system on the main water line coming into the home is the first step towards healthy, clean water from every tap. Indoor air quality also improves with the reduction of chlorines and VOCs from the water supply.

Proven technology, proven value. Our whole-house filters are the best whole-house filters on the market, based on effectiveness, reliability, and 10-year product history. They provide high-quality filtered water for an extremely low price per liter.

High performance, low maintenance Unique design provides reliable strong water flow with minimal pressure loss. No maintenance beyond simple changing of the filter as needed.

Customizable to your water conditions. We work with you to make sure your system takes care of your exact needs. High sediment, chloramines, well water, high sulfur, excess iron, fluoride reduction, UV-filtration and more. We use the best-of-class proven technologies and materials to get your water the way you want it.

Softer, drinkable, water! Looking for softer water feel, reduced mineral deposits on your fixtures and cookware, extended life for your appliances? Expensive, high-maintenance salt-based water softeners replace minerals with salt, leaving the water undrinkable. At a fraction of the cost, the .35 micron post-filter can significantly reduce the mineral content of hard water while improving water quality and removing chlorine-resistant micro-organisms. Completely healthy, drinkable water, retaining an optimal amount of minerals.

Chloramines? No problem. Most cities in China have switched from chlorine to chloramine as a disinfectant. Conventional whole-house filters are incapable of reducing chloramines. Not only does this chemical disinfectant and byproducts flow through your drinking and bathing water, chloramines also quickly overwhelm conventional carbon-based filters and leave them useless in a short time. With our filters, we are the only brand to use the highest quality catalytic carbon in a multistage system. This allows our filters to deal with chlorinated municipal water, not only for the chlorine and chloramines, but also allows the filter to more effectively capture other harmful contaminants.

Rhino Whole House Filter – Chloramines
Model # EQ-600C



Rhino Whole House Filter – Max Chem
Model # EQ-800C