Your Proven Choice For Safe Water In China

Aquasana China provides the Chinese market with the highest-quality 100% imported U.S.-made home water filtration systems. Four main types of filters are available: kitchen drinking filters, inline water filters, shower filters, and whole-house filters. Our filter systems are adapted for Chinese plumbing and have extra safeguards to remain completely effective with the particular water quality issues found in China.

Most importantly, Aquasana is one of the only filters tested to go beyond simple chlorine and heavy metals to remove the most dangerous forms of common water pollutants found in China, including VOCs, herbicides, and pesticides, MTBE and THMs. Our filters are third-party certified yearly to the highest international standards for build quality and effectiveness.

Aquasana filters are:

  • Effective – remove the most dangerous toxins ignored by other filters
  • International quality certified – to the most rigorous NSF standards by Underwriters Laboratories and the California Department of Health
  • Affordable – drinking water at ¥0.3/liter, shower at ¥2.4/day.

If you have any questions regarding our products or water quality issues in China, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you.