Water Filtration FAQ

So many brands of commercially available water purifiers, how do I buy?

Product prices, quality and filter performance, the availability of world-class certification reports, maintenance costs and after-sales service considerations. To drink the Aquasana water purifier to a number of international awards, low price, top quality, the highest C / P quality imported water purifier water purifier. Is your best choice! The
Aquasana pollutants filter capacity by a third party organizations: NSF National Health Foundation (National Sanitation Foundation) UL Underwriters Laboratories (Underwriters laboratories) testing and certification. Provides free delivery to the House a
Aquasana , free on-site installation, buy the product now to enjoy the regular events notification and filter discount message, follow-up customer service staff to inform your family to replace the filter, as well as professional technicians to the government to replace the filter service (dechlorination shower filter excluded).

What is high density activated carbon block?

Principal component of the activated carbon (activated carbon), carbon, and mixed with a small amount of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and other compounds formed, is black and the surface of a complex porous material, structure, compared with six rings formed by the carbon grain shape from a cylindrical coarse particles into fine powder particles, so there are two types of granular and powder form.
Particle diameter is generally 1 ~ 6mm, length of about 0.7 to 4 times the diameter, or irregular particles with 6 to 120 mesh particle size.
Activated carbon, odorless, tasteless, insoluble in water and organic solvents. Packing density of about 0.3 ~ 0.6g/ml, very large pore volume of about 0.6 ~ 0.8ml / g, specific surface area of about 500 to 1,500 m2 / g, so the organic polymer material has a strong absorption, and for liquid in trace elements, pigments, odor substances with a high degree of removal capacity.
“High density” means the special patented technology, carbon compressed into a dense carbon block. Water through the carbon block, chemicals and impurities will be blocked in the hole. And adsorption of various organic pollutants. The carbon block dense, symmetrical, holes and surface area than the general activated carbon, when the flow of water through a more prolonged exposure, also enhance the function of activated carbon to filter pollutants.

What is the silver-containing activated carbon, can really sterilization?

Such water purifier is added to the activated carbon in the composition of the silver, while maintaining the original filter effects of the activated carbon filter, on the one hand, the silver to inhibit certain types of bacteria. However, the silver-containing activated carbon only inhibition of the bacterial sterilization is not, has a certain limit the effectiveness of the pathogenic bacteria, and ineffective against viruses. Another in the water it will add a silver composition, may affect the brain the body.

Market most of the water purifier using activated carbon filters, how to tell good or bad?

Identification of the activated carbon is good or bad can be the source of the activated carbon manufacturing technology, density, particle size to determine. Activated carbon particles on the principle of the more minor, the higher the number, will be able to provide a broader absorption area to achieve better filter performance. In order to improve the performance of activated carbon adsorption, and only as much as possible made ​​in the carbon pore structure, porosity, the more activated carbon is more crisp, the relative density of the more light, so a good activated carbon feel lighter in the same weight activated carbon than the poor quality of activated carbon adsorption surface area of the large packaging case, the good performance. Because it is difficult to judge the material directly with the naked eye, so it is recommended to choose a professional manufacturer of filter plant and a reliable brand, many water purifiers and filtration equipment with a single carbon block or toner to handle the filtering, but Aquasana love Ken Arizona exclusive dual-filter filtration technique using high density coconut shell activated carbon, made ​​from high compression and the dense Aquasana high-density activated carbon block filter used for the first, will not have small toner discharge (this is also the identification of activated carbon is good or bad way).

What is KDF?

KDF is a high purity, fine granular copper and zinc alloy. KDF is based on the redox principle. The filter works as follows:
KDF is a mixture of zinc and copper, will produce an electronic chemical reaction.
In this reaction, the electronic exchange between molecules, so the new changes.
Some harmful contaminants harmless. For example: chlorine harmless. Similarly, heavy metals such as copper, lead, .. etc, will form attached to the in KDF surface, this way will be able to effectively remove the substance from the water.
Aquasana shower dechlorination is the market’s most sophisticated bath, In addition to using the KDF filter, with the high density coconut shell activated carbon can reduce chlorine for more than 99%, to balance the pH value in water to remove volatile of organic compounds (VOCs).

What is ion exchange?

Ion in the liquid phase and solid phase ions conducted by a reversible chemical reaction when certain ions in the liquid phase is more ion exchange solid the preference will be ion exchange solid adsorption, in order to maintain the aqueous solution neutral and ion exchange solid equivalent ion back to the solution must be released.
The Aquasana filter using natural zeolite ion exchange to remove heavy metal pollutants of lead in water. Zeolite structure is a combination of numerous sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium and other and negatively charged cations and water molecules, showing a lot of piping. Cation with other cations through these channels for the exchange of varying degrees. The zeolite acts as a screen from the subnet, it can be based on the structure and size of different ions to be selected.

Commercially available water quality testing pen (TDS pen) can be used to measure the level of contamination in water quality?

Can not! TDS is total dissolved solids content, referred to as (Total Disolved Substance), its meaning is dissolved in water, solids content, the solids can be dissolved in water are commonly known.
TDS pen is used to measure the mineral content in water, but it does not measure the concentration of organic pollutants in water, Moreover, the inorganic substances in water, there are still a lot of useful minerals, can not meet the standards to drink, not the level of TDS values. TDS pen is usually used for the detection of the RO membrane water purity enough, the closer is the closer to pure water purity (useful minerals, harmful substances are filtered out), long-term drinking RO water will also reduce the body required for mine substance intake.

Do you need to install the UV lamp?

In accordance with the guidance of the technical standards of disinfection and sterilization, each micro-organisms has its specific ultraviolet light to kill, death dose standard dose is the product of {K (fungicides amount) of the irradiation intensity and irradiation time (irradiation intensity) t (exposure time) }. From the formula that high-intensity short time a long period of exposure to low-intensity effect is the same. The general user, the lamp for a few years? Irradiation intensity? Still have a bactericidal capacity? Are unable to review the testing, completely unable to grasp. The Aquasana health drink of water purification in the UL report for the chlorine resistance of micro-organisms, parasites (Cryptosporidium and Giardia caterpillars), etc., to filter out more than 99.987%, so do not need to install the UV lamp to drink, to avoid increasing the burden of electricity and supplies, environmental protection and energy saving purposes.

Bottled water and filtered water which is better?

Although most of the bottled water quality is good, but there is no guarantee that the water quality management approach. In general, it is a self-made business. On the contrary, the home water treatment system has good management practices. The manufacturer must be a lot of testing and reporting to prove their effectiveness of water quality. The manufacturer must provide a “filter the report to demonstrate the ability to eliminate specific pollutants. Bottled water companies do not need to be so certified.

Chlorine harmful?

In 1908, Chicago tap water with chlorine is very effective in the elimination of some water-borne diseases, such as cholera, typhoid. Prior to this, many big cities, typhoid fever death toll up to 1/1000, 80 years ago people began to join the chlorine in tap water has been disinfected, and bring some positive effect on public health. In the 1970s, we found that the chlorine water is added, the water, some natural substances (such as plants and algae) react to produce trihalomethanes (chlorination reactants). In 1992, American Journal of Public Health published a report, saying that drinking chlorinated water to increased risk of tumors by 15% -30%. The report also said the majority of chlorinated water shower. National Cancer agency estimates the probability of people drinking chlorinated water, the tumor will increase 93%. The debate on the drinking chlorinated water has been going on for decades. However, most experts agree that drinking with chlorine chemicals and chlorinated water of the reactants to a lot of harm to the body.

What are volatile organic compounds?

Volatile organic compounds (the Volatile Organic Compounds) referred to of VOCs.
Including benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, formaldehyde, ethylene alkyl, etc. .. most of the VOCs penetration, fat soluble, volatile, and other characteristics, contact, breathing patterns, resulting in the human respiratory tract, lung, liver, kidney, nervous system, hematopoietic system diseases. Cause birth defects in newborns, resulting in endocrine disrupting chemicals cause cancer. If the human body produce acute effects of exposure to high concentrations of VOCs, respiratory and eye irritation.
Volatile organic compound is a compound, in the case of relatively low temperature into steam. Usually volatile organic compounds evaporating temperature is much lower than water. Most of the water, synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides are volatile organic compounds.

The magnetic treatment of water (energy water) What are the benefits?

“Magnetized” Basically, the impact on water quality, lack of proper theoretical basis for Earth itself is a large magnetic field, so we can say that the existing water on Earth have been magnetized. To investigate the magnetization process of the treated water quality, the EPA has commissioned academic institutions to explore the characteristics of the magnetized water. The study is not to install any pre-treatment equipment, electronic magnetized water generator, ordinary tap water, synthetic contaminated water, laboratory pure water magnetization experiment, “magnetized” water quality before and after analysis, results show that magnetized water regardless of not have any change in the micro-organisms (including E. coli and bacteria), heavy metals (including arsenic and lead), the anionic component (chloride, nitrate, sulfate) and hardness (calcium) and other water quality parameters. The use of magnetized water and tap water are saved to break raw eggs also show that there is no significant difference in both the ability to save raw eggs, two cups of egg soon corruption, magnetized water can not effectively increase the retention time of eggs. The entire experiment results show that the magnetization process does not have any impact on water quality! ! The magnetized water water purifier water quality improvement came mainly from the filter, activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange pre-treatment process. Although some manufacturers have said that the magnetic treatment of water has benefits, but there is no credible studies have shown that the magnetic field have significant benefits for drinking water. Consumers should note that there is no proof of publicity.

Water molecules to become smaller?

The so-called water molecule is two hydrogen atoms + one oxygen atom, and each of the same kinds of atoms, and its size is the same! So now known as “water molecules can be smaller” products, up is the water molecules into the small water molecules.
Commercially available some of the energy of flowing water vendors often marked with (general argument consisting of six water molecules after magnetization of the water molecules smaller molecules) is much smaller than water molecules in normal water (more than 20 water molecules ), the appropriate body to absorb, and the map of the nuclear magnetic resonance method (NMR) measured to prove its argument. In fact, the argument of the NMR measurement of the size of the water molecules also lack of proper theoretical basis for.
Although water purifier manufacturers that reduce the water molecules have advantages, but there is no credible studies have shown that water molecules smaller significant benefits to drinking water, consumers should pay attention not prove that the publicity.

What is NSF?

NSF is the abbreviation of the U.S. National Sanitation Foundation (National Sanitation Foundation). NSF since its establishment in 1944, its focus on water, food, air and environmental factors on public health efforts to study and formulate standards and testing methods of assessment and other related subjects. After prolonged efforts, the NSF has established more than 38 testing standards, including more than thirty of the U.S. government into the American National Standards Institute, is the ANSI (American National Standard Institution) to become the national standard.
Which has more than 30 testing standards can be accepted as the national standard. NAF in 1968 in the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements, unified water purifier performance benchmarks and performance indicators as a water purifier, to become the world’s water purifier certification criteria. 1996 a cooperation organ of the WHO (World Health Organization). Seems to have become an international influence and credibility of the institutions, and renamed as “NSF International”.
NSF developed the testing standards of water purification equipment: 1. ANSI/NSF-42 taste, odor, clarity certification . ANSI/NSF-53 drinking water quality of the health certification . the NSF-44 cation exchange water softener certification . the NSF -55 ultraviolet sterilization certification . the NSF-58 certified reverse osmosis . the NSF-62 distillation system certification, the NSF-177 water purification peripheral equipment certification information is taken from http://www.nsf.org/ U.S. National Sanitation Foundation

What is a UL?

UL Underwriters Laboratories for the U.S. (by Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) shorthand. UL safety test of America’s most authoritative, but also the world’s large non-governmental organizations engaged in security testing and identification. It is an independent, non-profit, professional organization to do the test for public safety. It uses scientific testing methods to study to determine the extent of a variety of materials, devices, products, equipment, construction of life, property damage and whether the harm; determine, write, issue the appropriate standards and help to reduce and prevent life and property are loss of information, at the same time to carry out the facts research business. From the beginning of 1894, UL is committed to the achievement of a safer world and a unique breadth of services. Unparalleled expertise: UL 2010, the results on the global certification of 23 billion UL Marks appearing on a variety of products • a total of 66,932 manufacturers, 88,189 product safety assessment • UL • UL, UL-certified products to perform 595,7089 product follow-up inspection • UL tested 63,502 kinds of products a total of 103 UL inspection centers to provide services • customers in over 100 countries, UL about two billion consumers in Asia, Europe, North America had contact with safety messages to the UL passed since the development of safety standards 1,413 this effect (of which 1,112 UL Standard; 301 ULC standards) has 73 laboratories and testing and certification organization information is taken from http://www. ul.com / UL Underwriters Laboratories

Electrolysis of water quality of the human body for clinical validation?

Many people think that the electrolysis of water is the drinking water of a high-tech, in the end what is the electrolysis of water? It really magic? In fact, the so-called water electrolysis, water electrolysis, the use of diaphragm or salt bridge, deliberately prevent the ion exchange, the pH of the water change, but also cause changes in the redox potential, the so-called acidic dissociation constant change, so water or alkaline water. To put it bluntly, the production of the electrolysis of water, based on physical and chemical experiments can be done; electrolysis of water can be treated chronic say, of course, is an exaggeration.
The industry claimed that the electrolytic water can remove harmful free radicals, and how its authenticity? Generally speaking, really want to prevent free radical damage normal cells, in fact, rely on the in vivo antioxidant enzymes, and vitamins play a role in the cell. Although there have been experiments found that the blood of the electrolysis of water into the test tube, free radicals that reduce; But test tube experiments results, whether the same play to the human body, there is still no scientific evidence. If we say that by drinking the electrolysis of water is enough to remove free radicals generated by metabolic processes in the body, must be open to question.
Over the Department of Health has met the medical equipment assessment team to assess the electrolysis of water is medical equipment, after the Department of Health clearly pointed out the electrolysis of water does not belong to medical equipment, shall not be marked and advertising has its efficacy. Will many of the participating scholars and government representatives believe that the water ionizer term efficacy has not yet clinical science has confirmed, the next consumer to brag about the effect of electrolysis of water facing the industry, or should hold a cautious attitude. However, in addition to the efficacy of electrolysis of water has not yet been confirmed, consumers use a water ionizer to be very careful, especially groundwater, mountain spring water, mineral water, or contaminated water as raw water, raw water by cadmium, lead, copper and other heavy metal pollution, by electrolysis, the consumer as a direct drinking “heavy metal concentrate, but will not Mongolia Lee, the first victim.

I heard that the ceramic filter can be repeated cleaning, there is relatively okay?

Although the ceramic filter can be repeated washing, but mainly according to the aperture density filter, similar to the hollow fiber membrane, but obviously poor filtering effect of water-soluble volatile organic compounds (VOCs), this filter and RO mode, the most The fear of a rupture, not to mention once the ceramic filter with a long, if I forget regular cleaning, the inhibitory effect will be substantially decreased, the bacteria will multiply, but harmful to health.

What of MTBE?

MTBE is a flammable volatile organic compounds, the animal may cause cancer, including leukemia, lymphoma, liver cancer, kidney cancer, testicular cancer. Combustion additives of MTBE gasoline distributed in the air, prolonged exposure to sexuality will reduce the cause for pregnant women who give birth to a morbid child, the male is likely to suffer from testicular cancer. Short-term exposure may affect the respiratory system, long-term exposure on liver, kidney, testicular function are affected.