A Safer, More Effective Anti-Scale Technology

Control Limescale Buildup Without Salt

Innovative Salt-Free Anti-Scale Technology independently tested and proven to reduce scale by 99.6%. This effective softening substitute tackles typical hard water problems using proven salt-free NAC technology designed to prevent scale formation and protect from corrosion.

Better for You and Your Family

The Aquasana SimplySoft Salt-Free Descaler uses effective, eco-friendly salt-free technology to prevent scale by 99.6% without putting salt or chemicals into your water.

Common salt-based water softeners demineralize water by replacing natural, healthy minerals with sodium (salt) ions, which can be harmful to consume. Aquasana SimplySoft uses innovative NAC salt-free anti-scale technology to naturally condition your water without the use of added sodium or harmful chemicals.

The World Health Organization (WHO) released a study on drinking water reporting sufficient evidence that there are various health risks associated with drinking demineralized water.

Better for the Environment:

Due to the detrimental effects salt-based softeners have on the environment, many states and counties have actually banned the use of salt-based water softeners. Salt-based water softeners that use a process of ion exchange require a large amount of highly concentrated salt solution to replace the natural minerals in your water with sodium. This process results in waste water discharge that is harmful to our environment and reduces the reusability of treated wastewater.

Innovative Salt-Free Anti-Scale Technology

More than just a softener, Aquasana SimplySoft uses innovative Nucleation Assisted Crystallization (NAC) softening technology to naturally condition your water without the use of added sodium. NAC technology alters the structure of the hard minerals into a crystal structure that prevents the minerals from binding and forming scale build-up and is proven to reduce scale by up to 99.6%. Unlike salt-based water softeners, Aquasana SimplySoft NAC technology will not demineralize your water nor will it negatively affect the environment by adding excessive amounts of sodium into our communal water system.

System At-A-Glance

Reduces scale by up to 99.6%

Excellent salt-free conditioning greatly reduces the adverse effects of scale and excess iron. Extends the life of your pipes and appliances, and reduces existing buildup.

Reduce scale, stains and spots on faucets, shower heads and glassware. Reducing the effects of hard minerals in water helps eliminate spotting, staining and film residue from dishwasher and washing machine cycles, protecting your clothing and tableware.

Protect your home appliances and plumbing by reducing the adverse effects of excess iron and scale. Aquasana SimplySoft extends the life of your plumbing and appliances and can even help reduce existing buildup, prolonging the life of your home assets.

Low maintenance system that lasts up to 6 years! Never lug around heavy bags of salt again.

Unlike traditional salt-based softeners, the Aquasana SimplySoft Descaler for tankless water heaters does not require salt, electricity or drainage for wastewater.

Best installed with the Aquasana Whole House Filter System